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Sample #1: Twenty-First Birthday

Background from customer
"What's poppin fam, it's my boy Tre's 21st birthday coming up. We finna do it real big with bottles, clubs, and all that.

His favorite song is Snapbacks and Tattoos by Driicky Graham so write the lyrics with that beat and that kind of flow. We want a party vibe, something we can put on and go crazy to.

Talk about Mardi Gras, cuz we from Louisiana, Barcardi, cuz that's our favorite drink, and how fly we look. Go ahead and clown him a little because he doesn't dance. Mention that he drives a Honda, and shout out our friends Ray, Ricky, Tim, and Nikki. And of course don't forget to mention the ladies. Thanks homie!"

Sample #2: Hawaiian Birthday

Background from customer
"Hi guys, I'd like a Full Verse for my best friend Karen's birthday. She's turning 60, so this is a big deal but I don't think we should mention her age.

Some info about her: She lives in Hawaii, Kauai specifically (she was born there), and is very into island spirituality. A mention of the Hawaiian deity Akua would be great. And please mention her dog Mala, and her husband :)

Also make sure you mention the Kumu Hula, which is a Hawaiian dance, and some stuff about Hawaii's natural beauty. Oh yea, and her favorite wine is Chardonnay. Overall it should be fun, upbeat, and happy sounding! Thanks! Looking forward to this!!!"

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Sample #3: Romantic Birthday

Background from customer
"Hey what's up. I'm looking for something romatic for my fiance's birthday. We've been together a few years now and I want to surprise her.

She's very graceful and beauitful. We met in the summer on the beach and I had to pursue her awhile before we got together. There were a lot of ups and downs along the way but it felt amazing when we finally started dating.

Make sure you rap about her beautiful smile, how she's a perfect 10, and how we like to travel to tropical locations. I want this to be meaningful, romantic, and yea a little semtimental. Thanks man, can't wait to hear it!"

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